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Flycamone2 Camera controlled by Arduino


We were first introduced to the flycamone when we started using it for RC airplanes. We found that this simple camera was perfect for RC applications since it was so light, durable, and versatile.

Here is a link to our Flycamone2 Video.  Note, some of the crashes are pretty hard, but not the worst we have had!

In the manual that comes with the flycamone there is a section about controlling the shutter of the camera using a channel from your RC Radio. In fact, the camera comes with a base plate which can be wired to your RC receiver for this option.



If an RC receiver can control this camera, so can Arduino! There are four connections on the back of the Flycamone2 camera. Two for a 5v power supply and two more pins that when connected together, control the shutter of the camera. The two that control the shutter are basically a switch, when they are shorted together the shutter button is pressed.

Well, we have the 5v power supply from our Arduino, now what to use as a switch? A simple NPN Transistor works great. We can then use a digital IO pin from our Arduino to take a picture, or stop / start video.

I took four female jumper wires and attached them to the  connector on the base plate of the flycamone2.  Then using male jumper wires, plugged the +5V and ground to the supply from my Arduino via the breadboard.  The Transistor was pretty simple, basically pin 1 and pin 2 on the camera go to the collector and the emitter pins of the transistor. Finally connect the base pin of the transistor to pin 13 on the Arduino.  I will post a picture of the set up.


To test the configuration, load the "Button" sketch in the Arduino software, and wire up a push button as described in the code.  Now when you push the button on your breadboard, the flycamone2 shutter should be pressed as well.  Do not forget to change the camera to the setting that you want to use for the pictures.  The shutter acts differently for different types of media.  See the Flycamone2 manual...


External shutter release
In all video modes "VR", "VE", "VL", "SR", "SE", "SL" and in photo mode "PE" recording is running while pins 1 & 2 are connected and will stop when disconnected.

In photo mode "PR" only one photo will be shot when pin 1 & 2 are connected.



Have fun!!