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Current Sensor 30 Amp

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Arduino Pro

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Seeeduino Mega

Attach your legs


Rules for applying your Arduino legs.


  1. Surface needs to be smooth, non-porous, clean, dry and free of debris, oils, and solvents. ( A mild solvent such as isotropic alcohol to clean the surface is suggested)
  2. Grasp bumper on the sides without touching the adhesive.
  3. Press bumper firmly into place on the surface.  Bumper cannot be repositioned without ruining adhesive.

* Recommended Storage and Application Temperature: 70F - 80F ( 21C - 27C ).


Placement of the legs on your Arduino is pretty simple.  Basically cover the four corners on the bottom.  They do not have to be exact, in fact they cant be, there are some connectors in the way.  Do not worry about shorting any connections on the bottom of your Arduino, the legs are non-conductive.  Below is an example of how where we put on our Arduino legs.


Arduino Feet Placement